Representative Projects:

Groveport Municipal Building
(Columbus Area)

17,200 sf renovation, expansion, and connection of two existing buildings for Administration, Council, Mayor's Court, and Police. Needs Assessment was provided as initial phase. Site is located in "Old Groveport", two blocks from the main street and within a residential neighborhood. THF holding facility. Completed March, 1995.






Huber Heights City Hall

Second phase development of Civic Center Master Plan. 9,900 sf Administrative and Council facilities. Completed August, 1992






Huber Heights District Courts Building

Represents third phase of Civic Center Master Plan. 12,060 sf building attached to existing Police Facility. The project includes two courtrooms for District Courts 2 and 3. Completed October, 1998.

Estimate: $1,766,600
Bid/Award: $1,743,300


Huber Heights Police Facility
(Dayton area)

First phase development of new Civic Center Master Plan; establishing a first-time City focal point. 22,200 sf facility. Includes communications center, 8H/5D holding facility, and Community/Training Room. Completed May, 1992.





Hudson Electric
& Service Departments
(Cleveland area)

Needs Assessment for Electric & Service Departments. Study completed March, 1995 and includes projected needs for long-term development of Roads Maintenance, Vehicle Maintenance, Electric, Water, and Hudson Local Schools Bus Operations. Several sites were evaluated. Further action pending Council authorization to proceed. 121,700 sf.
Budget: $ 7,980,000


Police Station
(Cleveland area)

Needs Assessment for Police Department which was dramatically affected by merger of village and township into a city. Study included evaluation of five potential sites, including the existing building. THF/8H holding facility. Communications center. Building will be important enclosing feature of the Village Green. Assessment completed August, 1994. Completed November, 2002.





Integrated Transportation Management & Communications Center

Needs Assessment phase completed for a multi-jurisdictional facility in the City of Cleveland. Agencies include the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Bus and Rail Consolidated Communications, RTA Police Headquarters, Cuyahoga County Emergency Services Operations, ODO Communications Center, and the Cleveland Police Transportation Management Communications Center. Facility will allow integrated transportation management and communications during emergency or special events. Anticipated square footage is 101,100. Evaluated 6 sites, 3 of which included existing structures. This project is being performed in association with the Cleveland office of DLZ. Project was abandoned by GCRTA.



Johnstown Municipal Facility


Needs Assessment Phase completed July, 2000. Study included evaluation of the Administration, Council, Police, Mayor's Court, and Service operations. Departments will be placed in a single 15,220 sf building within a village park. Three sites were evaluated. Project abandoned with voter defeat of an income tax increase November, 2001.



Kent Fire Department

Needs Assessment review included appropriateness of either renovation or all-new construction on the existing site shared with the Police Building. 24,800 sf. Study completed November, 1995.

Budget, new:


Kent Police Department

Needs Assessment review included investigation of most effective approach to accommodate both program and budget: expansion into and renovation of vacated city offices or construction of an all-new police building. 5D holding facility. Communications center. 21,100 sf. Study completed August, 1995.

Budget, new:


Kent Safety Facility

Needs Assessment to review opportunities and appropriateness of a combined Police and Fire facility. Combined area 42,800 sf. Study completed October, 1996.



Lancaster Police Building

3,500 sf renovation and 3,500 sf expansion of existing facility for holding, communications, and detective areas. 8H/5D holding facility. Located adjacent to the historic City Hall, both of which are within downtown. February, 1992 Needs Assessment was first phase of work. Construction completed November, 1995.





Marysville City Hall

Needs Assessment completed September, 2001 for new building that will be located on one of three sites under consideration within the downtown district. Facility will accommodate Administration, Police, and Municipal Court. Anticipated area is 119,300 square feet. Project put on hold, awaiting funding.



Maumee Police Facility

Needs Assessment phase completed November, 2001. Four sites were evaluated with decision that current downtown site is preferred location. 54,600 sf building which will include THF/12H holding facility, communications center, large meeting/training room, and firing range. Construction to be completed October, 2005.





Medina Municipal Court

Needs Assessment completed April, 2002 for municipal court operations. Three courtrooms and two hearing rooms included. Approximately 36,500 sf. Four sites evaluated including the existing building and a downtown building to be vacated. Site selection discussion currently being held by court and city officials.



Medina Police Facility

Needs Assessment Phase completed October, 1999. Provided options for a 35,000 sf police facility as a stand-alone new building or as an expansion of the current Municipal Building. Includes 8H holding facility, communications center, and large meeting/training room. Further action pending Council authorization to proceed.



Middlefield Village Municipal Facility
(Cleveland area)

Renovation and expansion for small police department and administrative staff within the existing municipal building. 7,800 sf. Project design began with a Needs Assessment. THF holding facility. Completed January, 1997.