Representative Projects:

Milford Administration/Safety Building
(Cincinnati Area)

Needs Assessment and preliminary plans for 19,400 sf new construction to replace existing buildings for administrative and police operations. Assessment completed December, 1991. THF/8H holding facility and Communication center.




Moraine Municipal Building
(Dayton area)

Needs Assessment for Administration, Council, and Police. Study evaluated existing building and adjacent vacant site. Sites for other existing community facilities were also reviewed in regard to potential for establishing a municipal center campus. Selection of existing site enhances the civic/government presence within the context of the community plan. Study completed September, 1996.

Budget: $5,000,000

Mount Vernon Police Communications Center

Design review of program, code, and accessibility requirements to accommodate needs and relocated existing communications equipment and systems. Construction completed September, 1999.





Newark Police Facility

Needs assessment for new police facility within downtown area completed May, 2001. 37,895 sf building which will include THF/12H holding facility, Communications Center, large meeting/training room, and firing range. Voters approved a police/fire levy November, 2001. Construction to be completed January, 2005.





Obetz Municipal Facilities

Needs Assessment Phase completed November, 2000. Study included evaluation of Administration, Council, Police, Mayor's Court, and Service operations. Two buildings were master planned with other community activities within an 88 acre civic park site.  



Old Dublin Town Center 1

Private retail and office building involving a public/private partnership effort. Occupies primary corner within the Old Dublin Historic District. The building and site designs are important architectural, economic, and neighborhood components of an overall redevelopment effort for the district. The development and design effort were in keeping with the recommendations of the Dublin Community Plan. A similar building and site development project is currently in the construction documents phase. This project will be located on the same street one block to the west. The Old Dublin Town Center 1 project was completed June, 2000.



Oxford Community Park
Park Buildings

Construction documents are completed for four park buildings including Concessions/Shelter, Shelter, Maintenance, and Family Center. Buildings will be phased in two pairs. Shelters include toilet facilities. Buildings are integrated into overall park plan design. Park includes active and passive activities and natural reserve areas. Construction anticipated Summer, 2003.


Concessions/Shelter: $219,700
Maintenance Building: $324,900

Pike County Mental Health Clinic
(Waverly, south-central Ohio area)

7,100 sf facility for adult and children services. Includes individual and group conference, arts & crafts, social, and emergency/crisis care areas. Completed in 1981.



Bid/Award: $506,000

Port Columbus International Airport
Public Safety & Operations

Construction completed for a renovation and relocation of the airport police department, communications center, emergency operations center, and the airport operations department. 21,500 sf. Completed May, 2000.





Powell Municipal Center
(Columbus Area)

The original Needs Assessment was completed July, 1996 and reviewed both renovation & all-new construction comparisons and program needs for Administrative and Council offices as well as the Police Department. Administrative and Council uses moved into existing building on planned Village Green. Current updated evaluation for Police Department operations investigated 4 build-out scenarios. Selected option is renovated vacant 11,000 sf in same building as administration and council. Study also included design options to renovate exterior appearance of existing building which was originally a warehouse/manufacturing facility. Construction documents are in progress.



Reynoldsburg Public
Safety Building

(Columbus area)

Needs Assessment Phase included evaluation of existing building as well as a new building. Police building remains on the existing government center campus. Location was chosen to enhance enclosure of government center site organization. Project includes flexibility to expand for future court facilities. Includes 8H/5D holding facility, communications center, large meeting/training room, and firing range. 46,200 sf. Assessment completed September, 1998. Construction completed December, 2001.





Rossford Municipal Facilities
(Toledo area)

ADAAG review of City Hall, Police Building, Fire Station, Public Works Building, Community Recreation Center, and two city parks. Schematic design work completed October, 1995 for a renovation of the 4,800 sf Police Building implementing overall program goals in addition to accessibility requirements. ADAAG improvements work for other buildings completed April, 1996.

Estimate:ADAAG improvements: $  31,200
Bid/Award: $  28,700
Budget: Police Building: $242,300

Sidney Police Facility

This project will be a 2 story 42,000 square foot building. The facility will include communications center, THF/12H holding facility, and large meeting/training room. The site is located adjacent to the existing Municipal Building and will become an important gateway into the downtown historic area from the west.





Streetsboro Police Facility
(Cleveland Area)

Needs Assessment for new Police Facility was completed April, 1996. Important component of report was to select site. 22,100 sf. THF/8H holding facility, Communications center, and training room. Building is located at existing site. Master plan was provided in order to comprehensively plan for a phased development of City Park. Police building will be an enclosing element of the large city park and is designed to allow expansion for a potential municipal court building. Completed November, 1998.





Tiffin Police Facility

Needs Assessment Phase completed April, 1998. Study included evaluation of the areas in the Municipal Building currently used for public circulation, Municipal Court, the Mayor's and Administrator's office, and the Police Department. Evaluated court security options. City Council funded work for the Police Department and construction was completed June, 2000. Includes THF holding facility, communications center, and renovated firing range.





Tipp City Police Department
(Dayton area)

Needs Assessment presented to City Council October, 1998. Evaluated two existing city buildings for renovation and expansion for police only operations. 24,260 sf. THF/8 holding facility. Construction completed January, 2002 for renovation of building adjacent to current municipal building with new connecting areas.





Urbana Municipal Facility

8,000 sf renovation and 24,600 sf expansion of existing building for Administration, Council, Fire, Police and Municipal Court. THF/8H holding facility. Communications center. Needs Assessment was provided as initial phase. Facility remains a strong downtown presence, one block from Monument Square. Completed November, 1996.