In 1993, we contacted the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) to discuss the opportunity of developing a seminar program regarding the development of Police facilities. Upon endorsement of our proposed concept by the Education Committee, we mutually developed a three-day program covering a variety of subjects intended to assist police and public officials in better understanding the requirements of police facilities and their development process. Topics include:

  • how to establish support

  • estimating department personnel needs
  • needs assessments
  • spatial relationships and area
  • site and building design criteria
  • design and construction phases
  • total project budget
  • project examples and building tours

Workshops have been conducted annually since 1993. For further information contact David King at DKing@horneandking.com or the OACP at www.oacp.org .

The general lessons learned in this police oriented workshop can be applied to other municipal building projects. David King has also provided one-day seminars focused to a municipality's specific needs. Contact David King if interested in client specific seminars.